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Why an Independent Agency?

One of the fundamental rules of the marketplace is that competition results in lower prices. When an insurance agency is captive, it means they represent only one insurance carrier. What if better coverage exists…at better prices? That’s why an independent agency is always a smart choice. Evans, Hauseman & Richard can scour our network of trusted, top-rated carriers for the best coverage at the best available rates.

More choices mean more savings.
Independent Insurance Agency
Our Timeline:
  • 1931: S. Wagner Evans establishes an insurance business in Pottstown.
  • 1945: Leon K. Hauseman, a life insurance agent with Metropolitan Life merges with Evans, establishing the partnership ‘Evans and Hauseman.’
  • 1949: While serving as Justice of the Peace in Pottstown on North Washington Street, C. Linford Richard begins his own career in the insurance business
  • 1965: These two agencies merge, forming a new corporation (Evans, Hauseman & Richard) initially located at 410 East High Street in Pottstown.
  • 1967: The merger requires more space, resulting in the purchase of a property at 417 King Street in Pottstown.
  • 1982: Evans, Hauseman& Richard purchases the Kern Lessig Insurance Agency.
  • 1994: After purchasing the Evans, Conger & Bahr agency, the need for additional space results in the purchase of our current office location at 343 East High Street.
"It never ceases to amaze us how the insurance industry has evolved throughout the years. That's a good thing, too, because the changes mirror the way the lives of our clients have changed and evolved. Economic concerns, an increase in lawsuits and a more thorough understanding of insurance due in large part to a wealth of information now available via the internet has changed not only the types of coverage available…but also the way individuals purchase this coverage. There are a myriad of options available today that weren't around as recently as 15 years ago.

While the mechanics may have changed, there's a fundamental truth that will never change. A software program, a website nor any type of technological innovation will ever be able to do what a good insurance agent can do. That desire to go above and beyond what a client might expect simply out of sincere compassion is an exclusively human characteristic. Understanding that relationships build trust and confidence is something a computer can't comprehend. Knowing the difference between cheap coverage and affordable coverage takes understanding that isn't duplicated by a software program. We appreciate the technological advances and we definitely employ the latest innovations to the benefit of our clients and our agents…but we'll always remember that nothing takes the place of genuine care. Doing the right thing is simply the right way to do business. That's the fundamental, never-changing philosophy that makes serving our clients such a wonderful experience. We hope we get the opportunity to serve you soon!"


Leonard H. Gieseler, President, Partner
Gregg Caplan, COO, Partner
Evans, Hauseman & Richard, Inc.

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